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At Odyssey Wealth Design, we are a relatively small and close-knit group, all working together to provide you with the personalized attention you deserve. As our group is small, we are able to focus on and cultivate our company culture. The cornerstone of our culture is the Lincoln Financial Advisor's philosophy of service first, last, and always. We also focus on care, respect, and integrity. Our goal is to make every interaction with you as enjoyable and engaging as possible as we believe this will lead to more engagement to the on-going financial planning process and therefore more success towards your goals.

In addition to our direct team who you as the client will be interacting with, we have access to the knowledge and resources of a Fortune 250 company through our affiliation with Lincoln Financial Group. This affiliation does not limit our product and service offerings as we have an open architecture as independent advisors; however it does enhance our ability to service our clients.

Roberto J. Duran, CFP®, ChFC®, CRPC®, CBEC®

Private Wealth Advisor

(949) 341-4293

(949) 474-6876

Financial planning is very personal. When people share their private concerns, hopes & dreams about their financial lives, you have to take that very seriously. My clients put their confidence in me & I help them toward a sense of security.

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Ana Kline

Director of Client Services

(949) 341-4198

(949) 474-6876

Ana’s role centers on providing an enjoyable and interactive experience for the client. She does this by coordinating with the staff to produce tangible deliverables to the Advisors for ultimate delivery to the client. 

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Jennifer Schrier, CFP®

Financial Planner

(949) 341-4286

(949) 474-6876

Jennifer works in tandem with Senior and Associate planners to develop comprehensive financial plans. This includes gathering and analyzing financial data and creating and modeling different possible financial scenarios. 

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Charles Lee

Implementation Specialist

(949) 341-4263

(949) 474-6876

Charlie provides support to the team which includes prepping for & helping with follow up from client meetings, preparing detailed & accurate paperwork for client signature, & providing additional support to other team members.

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Joelle Luna

Executive Administrative Assistant

(949) 341-4289

(949) 474-6876

Joelle is responsible for coordinating with the team to assist with such activities as client correspondence, client and strategic partner scheduling, licensing and designations upkeep, and marketing/communications efforts. 

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Hani Duran

Marketing Assistant

Hani is responsible for assisting with such activities as client gifting, client events and other marketing efforts, by brainstorming ways to help our clients feel appreciated and taken care of.

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Tim Johnson, J.D.*, CRPC®

Chief Investment Strategist

Timothy S. Johnson has expertise in the areas of fixed-income, equity allocations, alternative investments, as well as wealth management for affluent retirees.

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Bob Appel, J.D., LL.M., MBA

Second Vice President of National Design & Advanced Planning

Bob joined Lincoln National Life Insurance Company in January 1998, as a result of Lincoln's acquisition of Connecticut General Life Insurance Company. He currently heads up the company's national design team and brings his in-depth...
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Aaron Huntoon, CRPC®

Director of Planning

Aaron consults on comprehensive financial plan design and technical topics with Lincoln Financial Network advisors nationally. He is a Sagemark Consulting Private Wealth Services Advisory Specialist in which he provides customized...

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Wiley Moody

Director of Planning

Wiley Moody joined Lincoln Financial Advisors in May of 2004, where he began his work in the areas of planning and operations. Wiley studied under LFA’s Chief Investment Strategist, and was promoted to Director of Financial Planning in...
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Derrick Nguyen

Associated Financial Planner

(949) 341-4298

Derrick Nguyen is a Financial Planner and started his career with Lincoln Financial Advisors in 2012. He serves the community as a financial planner, working with medical professionals, education professionals and business owners...
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