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Business Owners

Why We Specialize in Working with Business Owners

Why We Specialize in Working with Business Owners

At Odyssey Wealth Design, we understand the tremendous positive impact business owners have as drivers of the economy and society as a whole. Our 'why' in working with business owners is that by providing support and advice, we enable you to increase your focus on running and growing your business(es), thereby supporting and growing the economy and benefiting everyone. 


How We Support Business Owners

As specialists in supporting business owners, we offer planning-based, outcome-oriented, and uniquely tailored solutions that answer business owners' critical questions including:

  • “How can I grow and protect my business?”

  • "How do I best utilize my business in accomplishing my personal goals?"

  • “How do I attract and retain top talent?”

  • “How do I tap the wealth in my company?”

  • “What is my business (really) worth?”

  • "How do I exit my business?"

The services we provide to help answer these questions include:

Expertise and Resources:

Business Intelligence Institute (BII) Membership
  • The Business Intelligence Institute consists of a select team of top-tier financial planning professionals from within Lincoln Financial Network. To be a part of the team, you must specialize and have expertise in working with business owners. As a part of the team, we are provided access to unique training opportunities, as well as resources, all focused on providing the most value possible to our business owner clients.
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Equity Strategies Group (ESG) Partnership
  • Equity Strategies Group helps the owners of privately-held businesses plan for and implement a successful exit strategy. For most business owners, this is a once-in-a-lifetime event and one of the most important decisions they will ever make. An Exit Strategy represents both the legacy and the reward for what the business owner has built. Our goal is to make sure that business owners navigate the terrain successfully by helping them understand their Exit options, preparing them for the Exit Planning process, connecting them with our Investment Banking, Mergers & Acquisitions or or other experienced professionals, and advising them throughout the process.

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