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Self Reflection

Self Reflection

| April 16, 2018

Since I turned 30 on March 27th, many people close and important to me (friends, family, colleagues, and clients) have been asking me things like "how does it feel to be in my 30's? do I feel different now? Is it weird?" I honestly hadn’t been thinking much about it until the last week or so when all of a sudden it hit me, and I started to reflect on my life up to this point, and on the fact that my 20s are over.

I've found that periods of reflection are a great opportunity to learn more about myself and to both accept some hard truths, think through the MANY, MANY mistakes, and disappointments; but also change my perspective about those truths, mistakes, and disappointments to be more positive and understanding. So while the reflection was challenging, I feel more confident and happy than ever.

It has also been a great opportunity to think about my future, and I'm more excited than ever about my goals and all the opportunities in life that I have available going forward.
If I had to summarize my 20's, I'd say it was a decade of overcoming massive challenges and stress (improving family relationships, getting serious about school, graduating college Cum Laude and a 4.0 in my major, starting and helping to grow Odyssey Wealth Design) but also a period of massive self-growth (and maybe a little fun too ;) )

I'm hopeful my 30's will be a decade where I realize the rewards of the hard work, determination, and self-growth from my 20's. Rewards such as: amazing relationships with friends, family and co-workers, a loving romantic relationship, the ability to help my current and future clients to achieve their goals better than ever, and financial success as I define it.

And I hope to continue to overcome the challenges I will face in my 30's with as much or more determination as I had in my 20's, but with far more grace and skill.

What are you hoping to accomplish over the next decade? I look forward to discussing with you soon.

With Love, Ross.