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How the New Federal Tax Law May Impact You

How the New Federal Tax Law May Impact You

| June 11, 2018
Now that the 2017 tax filing season is behind us, it’s time for us to start pointing our attention toward the new tax laws and how they will impact us for our 2018 tax filings and beyond.
The following article summarizes a few of the new federal tax law changes that will likely impact many of you who are investing in, or are considering an investment in 529 plans, have a pass-through entity business, have done or are considering Roth Conversions, have stock options, and/or are charitably inclined.
Over the next several months between now and the end of the year we will be proactively discussing how the new tax laws may impact you specifically, and how we can coordinate with your CPA/Tax Professional to position you for success.
Until then, please enjoy this article  and don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions. We are here to help.  
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