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Cognitive Biases and How They Impact Decision Making

Cognitive Biases and How They Impact Decision Making

| October 09, 2017

You know the feeling: Everyday you get flooded with new ideas and information. You barely have enough time to process it all. Sure, you're a smart and rational person that puts a lot of thought into the decisions you make, but the brain still takes decision-making shortcuts all the time. It especially happens when you need to act quickly, there is too much information, or limited memory. 

Here's the deal: research suggests that there are a number of intellectual stumbling blocks which can get you entangled in wrong judgement without you even noticing. They are called Cognitive Biases. The results are errors and irrational decisions that can hold you back. To help all of us escape this mental quicksand we've put together this real-world Cognitive Bias Survival Guide. It's designed to reduce wrong conclusions and bad choices, plus protect you from charlatans trying to exploit ignorance. Think of it as anti-virus software for the brain!

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