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6 Brain Training Exercises That Make People Happier

6 Brain Training Exercises That Make People Happier

| June 17, 2018

An overwhelming amount of research shows that your level of happiness is only partially impacted by your financial well-being. To increase happiness further, this article discusses 6 great exercises which will help you reduce stress and anxiety, and focus on the positive and happy aspects of your life.

Another exercise I do most mornings is gratitude journaling. It takes 5-15 minutes to write down 3 things you're grateful for, such as:

• A relationship
• Something material like having a beautiful home
• Something simple like having enough food to eat or having a delicious cup of coffee this morning, or how beautiful the weather is today
• Something big like your career
• Etc!

Over time, these 'exercises' provide tremendous benefits and shift the way your mind works, and what it focuses on. Please let us know what you're doing to increase happiness!

Thank you!

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